September 11, 2018

Advocates say the Federal Transit Administration is sitting on nearly $1.8 billion that’s supposed to help build light rail lines, streetcars and subway improvements. Delaying these projects, they argue, could increase costs for local transit agencies.

A light rail train in Minneapolis. Some advocates are worried that delays...

New traffic signals in Detroit are designed to help pedestrians, cyclists and ambulances get through intersections, while helping traffic planners test safety improvements quickly.

Five years ago, nobody would have mistaken Detroit’s stoplights for being “smart.” They were so obsolete, in fact, that city transportation offic...

January 31, 2018

When big-city mayors met in Washington last week, one of their primary messages regarding infrastructure was that the federal government should send new money directly to cities, rather than through states. The Trump administration seems open to the idea.

“The folks in this room turn dirt faster than anybody in America,” New...

January 23, 2018

Last year turned out to be a banner one for traffic safety in San Francisco and New York, two leaders in the Vision Zero movement to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities. Both cities saw fewer traffic deaths in 2017 than at any point on record.

Vision Zero sets the goal of eliminating all traffic deaths -- whether they a...

As attorney general of Texas, Greg Abbott made a name for himself by fighting the federal government and suing the Obama administration 31 times. As governor, Abbott has found a new enemy -- local governments -- and, in recent days, he’s raised the stakes in that war.

Texas has a reputation for blocking local laws that contr...

January 30, 2017

Tolls have been a fact of life in Indiana for at least 60 years, but state Rep. Edmond Soliday thinks there will have to be more of them if the state wants to keep its roads in good shape.

Soliday, a Republican who chairs his chamber’s transportation committee, said the most expensive part of the state’s transportation netwo...

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