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Join TEX-21 in Austin, push towards interstate status for US 287!

US 287 stretches all the way from the Texas Gulf coast up to the Canadian border. It begins in Texas at Port Arthur/Beaumont and heads all the way through Amarillo, and north across the Texas border. Having its beginnings in the Texas Gulf Coast near those two gulf ports, it has huge potential to be a premier transportation route of goods from the Gulf Coast throughout the US and into Canada. Improving this corridor would provide for increased business and economic growth throughout the entire state, particularly for those located along its route.

However, the highway needs many improvements, and the quality of road varies significantly as it crosses the state. There are nine separate TxDOT districts along the 504 mile stretch, and they need to create an official corridor study and sit down together to determine the needs of the highway as a whole. This is where TEX-21 and our vast membership, and congressional and legislative caucuses can provide statewide and national support for this initiative.

The leadership in DC understands the needs of that corridor and that no vehicle should have to endure the problems on US 287 - dramatic changes in quality of road, inconsistent signage, etc. There are areas such as the DFW metroplex that are good, but the entire corridor should be equally good, with continuous service roads, consistent signage, and proper maintenance.

TEX-21 has garnered strong support already in the Texas Legislature and Congress. If all the cities and counties come join us in Austin we can make it happen. If you are not currently a member of TEX-21, join us in Austin and you will see how beneficial it is to have the entire TEX-21 membership support your efforts and meet Legislators you may not know from other areas of the state who support mobility and infrastructure improvement in Texas because they know that improvement anywhere in Texas benefits all of Texas.

Join TEX-21 in Austin on February 15th, 2017 and be a part of improving transportation, creating jobs, and providing increased economic growth for your area and all of Texas!

RSVP for US 287 Legislative Day!

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