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TEX-21 goes to Austin for IH-30 and IH-35 Legislative Days

IH-35 and IH-30 are two key roads in the transportation infrastructure of Texas. Both have full interstate status. But having interstate status does not guarantee quality roads.

Both IH-30 and IH-35 need continuous service roads throughout the corridor. The inconsistent availability of service roads contributes to a higher amount of traffic along the route, and reduced business and economic growth in those areas.

Service lanes are also a component of the State Implementation plan for air quality. Currently if there is a car that stalls along the highway it impedes traffic, which causes a backup of cars that are stopped but keep running which causes air pollution. If service roads are available, it frees up the road for free flowing traffic and reduces the amount of pollution from the exhaust.

Both roads as well need at least three continuous main lanes in each direction. This also allows for significantly reduced traffic and a better movement of people and goods along the routes. Currently the number of lanes is inconsistent, which can cause bottlenecks and increased traffic in many areas, reducing the usability of the roads for travel.

IH-30 is one of the most important corridors for the movement of people and goods in Texas. It is the primary connector between IH-40 and IH-20, making it a critical connection for movement across Texas and the United States.

IH-35 is often referred to as the River of Trade Corridor, because as the NAFTA highway it carries a huge amount of people and goods from the Mexican border and across the nation. This freight movement corridor is a huge economic engine in Texas, creating innumerable jobs and business opportunities from one end to the other.

Both of these highways need improvements, continuous service roads, continuous minimum of three main lanes in each direction, and continued funding to preserve the right of way in order to maintain and grow the Texas economy and transportation of people and goods!

TEX-21 has strong support already in the Texas Legislature and Congress through our caucuses. If all the cities and counties come join us in Austin we can make it happen. If you are not currently a member of TEX-21, join us in Austin and you will see how beneficial it is to have the entire TEX-21 membership support your efforts and meet Legislators you may not know from other areas of the state who support mobility and infrastructure improvement in Texas because they know that improvement anywhere in Texas benefits all of Texas.

Join TEX-21 in Austin on March 23rd, 2017 (IH-30) and April 27th, 2017 (IH-35) and be a part of improving transportation, creating jobs, and providing increased economic growth for your area and all of Texas!

RSVP for IH-30 Legislative Day

RSVP for IH-35 Legislative Day!

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