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TEX-21 pushes to convert US 75 to Interstate 45

While many in the Dallas area refer to US 75 as I-75, it does not have true interstate status. In fact, the part of 75 that travels through Dallas cannot be an interstate because there is not enough right of way.

However, TEX-21 wants to connect and convert to I-45 the outer loop which goes through Kaufmann, Ellis, Dallas, Collin, and Denton counties, then 75 converted to I-45 going all the way out of Texas and through Oklahoma.

Why convert it to an interstate? One big reason is to alleviate traffic congestion through the Dallas area, as well as to provide an alternate route around Dallas for people traveling longer distances and wanting to avoid Dallas traffic. Allowing I-45 to continue as the outer loop and north on US 75 would provide an Interstate option with reduced traffic and increased speeds and be a reliever route around the Dallas area.

Secondly, converting the outer loop and the northern section of US 75 into I-45 would provide for increased economic and business growth along that route, and create jobs and opportunities for growth throughout the corridor. More jobs and economic growth benefits all Texans, especially those along the proposed new I-45 section.

TEX-21 has strong support already in the Texas Legislature and Congress through our caucuses. If all the cities and counties come join us in Austin we can make it happen. If you are not currently a member of TEX-21, join us in Austin and you will see how beneficial it is to have the entire TEX-21 membership support your efforts and meet Legislators you may not know from other areas of the state who support mobility and infrastructure improvement in Texas because they know that improvement anywhere in Texas benefits all of Texas.

Join TEX-21 in Austin on March 29th, 2017 and be a part of improving transportation, creating jobs, and providing increased economic growth for your area and all of Texas!

RSVP for US 75 Legislative Day!

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