Just Look at How Quickly This Crew Paves a Road

Far, far away in a remote stretch of nowhere in particular, a big ol' truck paints a black stripe. More trucks follow behind laying down fine pieces of rock over the asphalt. And that's it.

This video contains little more than a drone's-eye view of a road-building crew at work in Western Australia. Yet the pure geometric Zen of the three-minute clip has led it to be shared far and wide. The team laid down nearly 5 km (a little more than 3 miles) of pavement to upgrade the Airstrip Road over the course of a couple days.

The crew is installing what's known as a chipseal, a pavement surface treatment that combines layers of fine aggregate and asphalt. It's typically reserved for more low-traffic areas in the U.S., and it's standard across most of rural Australia.

Watch that efficiency and feel better.


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