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Four days left to contribute to FTA's Shared Mobility Online Dialogue


Don’t miss your chance to contribute to FTA’s Shared Mobility Online Dialogue, which closes Friday, January 27. This is your chance to offer suggestions for guidance, best practices and other ways we can support the public transportation industry’s efforts to explore shared mobility options that improve and expand transit service.

Advancements in smart phones, web applications and related public transportation technology innovations are driving the growth of shared mobility concepts and on-demand solutions like bike-sharing, car-hailing, and innovative demand-response bus services. As the transit industry embraces partnerships with these shared and on-demand services, transit agency staff and others have sought FTA guidance regarding funding eligibility, civil rights requirements, and other conditions for receiving FTA support.

In response, FTA has published a set of Shared Mobility frequently asked questions clarifying formula eligibility for FTA grant programs and compliance with other federal requirements, in addition to hosting the Shared Mobility Online Dialogue to allow the public to share ideas, ask questions and comment on issues raised by others. For more information, contact

Links: Shared Mobility Online Dialogue Shared Mobility FAQs FTA’s Shared Mobility guidance


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