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US National Portal to Tackle Megaships

A US government report on a solution for supply chain congestion occasioned by megaships is set to be published in Autumn, 2017, according to American Shipper.

The United States Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) plans to get permission to design a national data portal for seaports.

It had launched an industry-led supply chain innovation project including 36 companies in May, 2016.

Its initiative set out to address inefficiencies in supply chains on a national level encountered with rising ship sizes and cargo ‘peaks’ throughout 2014 and 2015.

Updates on the project were delivered on August 11, 2017 to attendees to the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA) Government Affairs Conference.

FMC Commissioner Rebecca Dye, who is leading the project, said: “The goal of our project is to use information technology to provide critical information visibility to major supply chain actors, allowing them to act in harmony, not at cross purposes, in the supply chain ecosystem.

“IT systems that allow information sharing are expensive, and we must be careful to define the types of information--not data--we want to share and the reason we want to share it.

“To increase supply chain systemic visibility, we asked our teams to identify critical pieces of information that they need, and not large data bases used by liners or port terminals for their own business purposes.” Difficulty in such an initiative arises from the number of different data points that need to be addressed in order to give accurate timings to importers and exporters.

Importers in the country are most concerned with the timing for retrieval of containers from terminals, while exporters want the timing for loading and delivery of containers to terminals.

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