Elon Musk reveals plan to ease Los Angeles traffic almost complete

Critics skeptical about the project, warn the tunnel could worsen traffic at entry points

Elon Musk is almost through with his plan to help ease Los Angeles traffic. The founder of the Boring Companyannounced on Instagram that the construction of the tunnel is almost over. The company will also offer free rides to the LA public should the authorities give them the regulatory approvals needed. They are seeking a permit for an initial 2.7-mile tunnel in the West of Los Angeles, though the overall aim is a 60- mile tunnel. If successful, it would be one of the biggest subway networks in America.

Ease LA traffic

Musk announced that cyclists and pedestrians would be given priority and the tunnel would be cheaper than a bus.

He, however, did not release details about how the public would access the Hyperloop transport system. The company won’t use public funds for the project. Cities across the US have been hesitant about new subways mainly because of the huge costs involved. Critics warn that the Boring Company tunnel project may worsen traffic at entry points.

In his Instagram post, Musk thanked everyone who had input into the success of the project and appreciated the support they have received. Elon Musk is also famous for founding Tesla, a company specializing in electric cars. His other company, SpaceX, launched a commercial spacecraft, Dragon, in 2012.

The 46-year-old South African-born American businessman has made a name for himself in the tech world with his start-ups. He co-founded Paypal (originally as X.com).

eBay acquired Paypal in October 2002. He also founded SpaceX which launched the Falcon 9 rockets into space. He likened it to winning the Super Bowl.

Controversial involvement with Trump administration

Tesla has produced the Roadster, a sports car accelerating to 60 mph in just below 4 seconds, and the Model S, an electric sedan. The Model S can Travel for 265 miles before needing a recharge. It was named Car of The Year by a motor vehicles magazine in 2013. Tesla overcame the General Motors as the most valuable carmaker in the United States last year.

His innovations earned him a place in the Trump administration. He was part of the president’s Strategy and Policy Forum before joining the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative in January this year. Musk defended his decision to work with Donald Trump saying his goals were to make the global transition to sustainable energy much faster and create an inspiring future for everyone. He resigned from his advisory role in the Trump administration when Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Accord.



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