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'This Is Panama' Explores the History and Beauty of the World's Most Famous Canal

The cover image for the book taken from my first helicopter flight over the Canal Expansion Project. We had a nice fleet of container ships awaiting the transit for the Gatun Locks and clean morning skies.

Here we’re looking down the construction site for the Cocoli Locks on the Pacific side from el Tapòn (the earth plug temporarily holding out the Pacific Ocean from filling the locks in).

This is a portrait of one of the many workers from Atlantic side of the Expansion Project during his lunch break.

They may not have drank champagne last night, but these workers have reason to celebrate as they watch water begin to fill the nearly completed Agua Clara Locks on the Atlantic side.

All of the gravel used on the Atlantic side of the Expansion project came from the excavation on the Pacific side as the Atlantic material was not usable. Once transported across the Canal, it was all crushed to be made ready for use.