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Dulles Airport rolls out new facial recognition boarding system

Dulles International Airport unveiled a new facial recognition boarding technology Thursday aimed at reducing boarding times for some international travelers.

The new veriScan system, which was developed by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), scans the faces of travelers coming through the gate, Nextgov reports.

Those scans are then compared to photos in a gallery that includes pictures of that person from a U.S. passport or from when a foreign visitor entered the country.

Employees at the Virginia airport no longer need to check a boarding pass and form of identification before a passenger boards a plane, according to the report.

The CBP says the scans are 99 percent accurate and take less than a second.

The scans will be stored for 12 hours until testing on the system is completed, after which they will be deleted immediately, officials said this week.

Scandinavian, Air France-KLM and some United Airlines international flights use the system at Dulles, which joins 13 other international airports in implementing the system.

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