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New Natural Gas Deal Boosts Sustainability, Bottom Line

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has signed a new agreement with Element Markets Renewable Energy to provide renewable natural gas (RNG) for DART's fleet of 650 CNG powered buses. The five-year agreement begins January 1 and has one, two-year option. It monetizes Renewable Identification Number credits that have the potential to generate up to $11,000,000 in revenue for DART over the life of the contract. "RNG is another way we're powering transit with clean fuels," DART President/Executive Director Gary Thomas said. "We are also excited about the financial benefits of converting to clean fuels. This additional revenue will be put to good use as we move North Texas forward." RNG, or biomethane, can be derived from a variety of sustainable and renewable sources, including decomposing organic waste in landfills, municipal wastewater treatment plants and livestock facilities. It is then blended with natural gas through the existing pipeline system. DART currently uses over 1.2 Million British Thermal Units (MMBTUs) of natural gas annually. DART is adding 41 new CNG-fueled buses in 2019 to expand bus service and improve schedules and frequency.

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