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METRO Celebrates Milestone

StartFragmentMETRO Board Chair, Board Members and President & CEO mark anniversary with proclamation.

METRO's Board of Directors launched its first meeting of 2019 with a celebration. This year marks 40 years of service for METRO which began operations in January 1979. At the time, METRO had an aging fleet of only 400 vehicles. It has grown to a network of over 1,200 buses, three light rail lines, paratransit services, HOV/ HOT Lanes and 27 Park & Ride facilities. Those are among the achievements celebrated and memorialized in a proclamation METRO Board Chair Carrin Patman presented to the agency.

"The Board of Directors hereby celebrates METRO’s 40 years of transformative and exceptional service to the public; expresses its deepest gratitude to the community members and leaders, past and present drivers, dispatchers, schedulers, mechanics, supervisors, managers, police officers and other staff who have helped METRO become the service it is today; and urges all persons in the Houston area to RideMETRO," the proclamation states.

METRO President & CEO, Tom Lambert, accepted the honor on behalf of the agency. He has been with the Authority from its earliest days.

"The great strength of this agency is not the technology. It's not the buses on the road. It's not the trains on the road. It's the people. So I'm extremely proud to be part of this organization," said Lambert.

METRO will release a series of 40 short videos over the next year that highlight its accomplishments moving at the speed of life.


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