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Rajant’s AI Network to Drive Autonomous Terminal Trucks

Rajant Corporation, a provider of wireless networks, has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Dubai-based AI and self-driving technology specialist DG World.

The new agreement, which was revealed ahead of the companies’ co-exhibition at TOC Asia 2019 in Singapore, formalizes the working relationship established by both parties over the last two years.

According to a statement, DG World evaluated a range of technologies before selecting Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh network to support its fleet of self-driving container terminal trucks.

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The mission-critical nature of the autonomous vehicles, and their role within seaport operations, requires “continuous connectivity for never-fail mobility”, ensuring that delays or accidents are not experienced within a port or terminal environment.

Rajant’s industrial network is mobile and can work peer-to-peer to form connections with other nodes as they move in range. In addition to this, the network nodes can hold multiple connections simultaneously over different frequencies.

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The technology from Rajant also has machine learning capabilities which can be leveraged to identify and route communications via the best connection possible, overcoming any obstructions autonomously.

Chris Mason, Rajant’s Director of Sales for EMEA, said: “DG World has been working with Rajant since 2017, incorporating Kinetic Mesh with InstaMesh into their advanced vehicle automation technology".

“The resiliency, high bandwidth and low latency of Rajant’s Mesh network have enabled them to develop sophisticated control systems ideally suited for use in container ports.”

Chris Mason, Rajant, discusses how drones can be used to future-proof seaports in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Gautam Ahuja, Business Development & Sales Director at DG World, also commented: “No one technology makes this “brain” (autonomous system) work".

“Instead, the computers use a combination of systems that work safely together, including Mapping, Simulation, Behavioral Control, Machine Learning, Localization, Planning, Safety, Controls, Networking, Dispatch and Routing, Perception, and Remote Assistance".

“All of these data points need a mission-critical, fail-safe network as Rajant has to offer. Partnering with Rajant, a global leader and sole provider of their Kinetic Mesh wireless network, will strengthen our offering of an end-to-end solution for any port in the world.”

Following the agreement of the partnership, both companies will be showcasing their technologies at TOC Asia from April 9-10.{EmailSubjectLine}&utm_content={Content/Person/id}&gator_td=I7bGQzu%2bAIoavU1gLZTXE626xThnwDTH9yr8Z2kVNLnVHfNvKX3y8keaZ95taSOEFA0iYwLQZ%2b5UzCoDCPJOyuTlgYJczM0sQTRzOEbpjxBGaSY9U9Lrc61KXt3Wpl5HccQrb%2bPSOOT5iHYluIfgCDLJTr0ZIfk8sZS%2b8vnh%2bGo%3d

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