Business Booming, Jobs Increasing At Port Of Baltimore

Business is booming at the Port of Baltimore.

The Port of Baltimore has opened the door to a new generation of super-sized ships. Infrastructure investments in deep water channels and cranes have opened the door to ships of these kinds.

The Port of Baltimore also handles more cars than any other port in the country.

The latest numbers from March set new records for general cargo with over a million tons. There have also been higher numbers recorded for containers and vehicles.

“Jobs have gone up over the last four years from about 13,600 to over 15,300 direct jobs, and the number of jobs that are linked to the Port of Baltimore is now about 140,000,” said Port of Baltimore Spokesperson Richard Scher.

All the cargo coming and going from the Port of Baltimore generated over six billion dollars in 2018.

The Port of Baltimore credits its success to its location.

“We have a very unique location, being the closest East Coast port to the midwest, so that allows us to handle cargo going to the midwest cheaper to manufacturers and consumer bases, and quicker,” said Scher.

According to Jim White, the Executive Director of the Maryland Ports Administration, this is just the beginning for the Port of Baltimore.

“It makes sense to put the freight where the consumer is,” White said. “This is just the beginning for us.”