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Lidar Solutions to Drive Autonomous Terminal Vehicles

Velodyne Lidar, a US-based provider of smart lidar solutions for autonomy and driver assistance, will demonstrate how its technologies can advance port terminal automation at TOC Europe, which takes place in Rotterdam from June 18-20.

The company has stated that it will highlight customer applications and display how its lidar sensors can be utilized for crane steering, container handling, internal terminal vehicles (ITV), automated guided vehicles (AGV), forklifts, and terminal security systems.

Working alongside DGWorld, a Dubai-based “Velodyne integrator”, autonomous taxis, ITVs and AGVs that use lidar sensors to run autonomously will be showcased.

These vehicles use technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and self-driving systems to increase the efficiency of port and terminal operations.

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Gautam Ahuja, Business Development and Sales Director, DGWorld, said: “Autonomous vehicles (AV) can reduce costs in port and terminal operations, and bring improved reliability and predictability.

“Velodyne’s state-of-the-art sensors provide the range, 360-degree field of view, and resolution that our AVs need to synchronize and optimize logistics movements within a port.”

Erich Smidt, Executive Director Europe, Velodyne Lidar, also commented: “DGWorld solutions demonstrate how Velodyne intelligent lidar sensors are helping port and terminal operators deliver consistent service quality and achieve increased safety.

“DGWorld’s technology taps the full power of Velodyne’s rich computer perception data to help determine the safest way to navigate and direct AGVs and terminal operation vehicles in complex, busy work environments.”

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