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Raising the Bar: Platform Extensions – Federal Funding Secured

It’s been a while since we last discussed DART’s planned platform extensions that will increase capacity throughout the system and improve mobility for the thousands of DART riders in the North Texas region. In Part Five of our series, Raising the Bar: Platform Extensions, we want to provide a quick but important update on where things stand from a funding perspective.

Big News

In late June, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded DART a $60.76 million grant to help fund construction of the planned platform extensions along the Red and Blue lines. Once complete, the project will enable DART to increase capacity during peak hours or special events, helping to reduce overcrowding and addressing the growing demand for DART’s system.

This federal investment is an important piece of the funding puzzle that will help ensure a smooth completion of the platform extension project. The grant covers nearly half of the total $128 million cost for raising and extending the 28 platforms involved—which represent nearly half of all of DART’s light rail stations.

The Road Ahead

To be completed in two phases, the project will ultimately benefit everyone living in North Texas — increasing capacity and comfort for riders; providing convenient, reliable service for local communities; and protecting our environment.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as the construction process for the platform extensions project continues to move forward. In the meantime, you can also learn more about the platform expansion project, keep up to date on progress being made, and check out DART’s construction alerts to stay informed and connected.

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