Dallas Area Rapid Transit releases IBM Maximo and Interloc Mobile Informer solution

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) launched the pilot phase of its IBM Maximo Asset Management and Interloc Solutions Mobile Informer implementation.

DART has partnered with lnterloc to deliver a cloud-based Maximo and Mobile Informer solution for its Signals business unit.

The distributed workforce of approximately 60 users are using Maximo and Mobile Informer to perform work and asset management of vital relays that are used to route trains along the track, and to inspect other Signals assets.

Two Mobile Informer applications are being used at DART:

· Mobile Informer Work Management - used by signals to perform signal inspections, as well as preventive and corrective work.

· Condition Assessments - used by DART engineering to capture signal asset condition ratings in support of their required NTD and TAM reporting to contribute to DART's overall assets State of Good Repair evaluation.

This is the first of three major go-lives for DART. While Phase O transitions to the support stage, Phase 1 of the project continues in design, which will apply EAM best practices, Maximo and Mobile Informer to the entire organization. For most asset types, Phase 1 go-live is December 2020 with the remainder in June 2021.

Mobile Informer was developed by lnterloc Solutions and delivers the full range of Maximo capabilities to mobile devices, including industry solutions and other product add-ons and customizations. Native to Maximo, and without the need for additional middleware or technology components, Mobile Informer ensures that DART users can complete important tasks in the field, even when offline. Native applications for the chosen Android platform (also supports iOS and Windows) give the users the ability to use phone hardware including cameras, fingerprint scanners and 3rd-party connected devices.