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Study: Speeding Caused Over 7,000 Deaths In Texas From 2012-2017

North Texas is a pretty dangerous place to speed on the freeways.

A new study from Value Penguin finds Texas highways had almost 7,000 speeding-related traffic deaths between 2012 and 2017. The city of Dallas saw the most in the state with 377 fatalities.

The study says Dallas drivers are 50 percent more likely to be in a fatal wreck blamed on speeding than drivers in Fort Worth. And Fort Worth had the third-highest number of fatal wrecks overall. The study also says Fort Worth has seen a 13 percent drop in those wrecks in the last couple of years.

On the other side, Rockwall County is the second safest county in Texas. Denton County finished 3rd, and Collin County is the fifth safest county for speeding-related fatal wrecks in the state.

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