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This vital highway travels 754 miles in Texas from the ports of Beaumont/Port Arthur through to the Panhandle region, eventually leading all the way to the boarder of Montana and Canada. US-287 serves as the major transportation route for trade operating out of the ports of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Sabine Pass, and is therefore extremely important for TEX-21's Third Coast Initiative. The corridor includes 261 cities, 43 counties, 4 MPOs, and 9 TxDOT districts, encompassing 36% of the population of Texas overall. 

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Another major highway for economic development in Texas, US-377 travels from the border with Mexico into Oklahoma, connecting South Texas with the DFW Metroplex and Denton. It is a key route for students attending Tarleton State University in Stephenville from the metroplex. The highway is currently in dire need of expansion and attention, as areas such as Granbury are far too congested to deal with the traffic pressure going through their areas.

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Currently, I-45 connects Houston to the DFW metroplex. TEX-21 would like to see the northward expansion of I-45 by passing Dallas to Big Cabin/Vinita, Oklahoma, terminating at I-44. This would be accomplished via the double signing of Loop 9 around Dallas and US-75 north of Dallas.


Plans are being developed for the smaller Interstate I-14 to be expanded dramatically into a major transit route connecting the military base and forts of West Texas, and the area of Midland/Odessa, with the east coast port of Savannah, Georgia. This will create dramatic trade improvement all throughout the Southern United States, and will connect Texas with key maritime trade ports on the East Coast. I-14 will also serve as the major connection between numerous military bases in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. This Interstate expansion not only has significant economic incentives, but will greatly bolster our defense capabilities through improved transportation along the southern U.S. 

I-14 Five-State Map Updated Forts.png

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TEX-21 was involved in the creation of the I-35 Corridor Coalition which lead to the formation of the national River of Trade Corridor Coalition. TEX-21 will continue to pursue policies and infrastructure improvements along the I-35 Corridor that will better enable the safe, fast, and efficient movement of goods to and along the Corridor, thereby enhancing ongoing efforts to attract and retain world-class corporate residents to this growing region. 


Due to I-30's lack of continuous service roads, an accident can prohibit the free movement of traffic along the corridor. The TEX-21 I-30 Corridor Task Force will bring together key stakeholders along the entire I-30 Corridor in Texas and Arkansas tasked with the creation of a focus on reinvigorating and greatly enhancing the commerce of transportation along one of the most vibrant and fastest-growing transportation Corridors in the country. With one in three vehicles traveling down I-30 being a semi-truck (TxDOT) it is vital to encourage an informed and energized effort at the federal and state levels to better provide for the mobility needs of the region's corporate and residential citizens. 

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