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The mission of the TEX-21 IH-35 Corridor Task Force is to unite all Corridor stakeholders to protect, maximize and expand commerce and the economic vitality of this preeminent national corridor as well as improve and sustain it through the remarkable growth in Texas population and ever increasing trade with Mexico and other countries which increases the freight traffic along this corridor.


The TEX-21 IH-35 Corridor Task Force will bring together key stakeholders along the IH-35 Corridor tasked with the creation of a focus on reinvigorating and greatly enhancing the commerce of transportation along one of the most vibrant and fastest-growing transportation Corridors in the country. In addition, TEX-21 will seek to educate and communicate the needs of the IH-35 corridor at all levels. Including the benefits of it to the State and the Nation as the NAFTA Corridor.


The members of the TEX-21 IH-35 Corridor Task Force will pursue policies and infrastructure improvements along the Corridor that will better enable the safe, fast, and efficient movement of goods to and along the Corridor, thereby enhancing ongoing efforts to attract and retain world-class corporate residents to this growing region. By fostering and encouraging an informed and energized effort at the federal and state levels focused on the importance and potential of the IH-35 Corridor, the Corridor will be positioned to better provide for the mobility needs of the region’s corporate and residential citizens.


  • The TEX-21 IH-35 Corridor Task Force will better position its members to obtain a greater percentage of all available resources at the federal and state levels for the improvement of Interstate 35.

  • Through a coordinated effort of all stakeholders the Task Force will identify and maximize available transportation assets by undertaking the Task Force strategies such as a comprehensive survey of the entire IH-35Corridor and creating a complete inventory of mobility resources.

  • Identify common goals and interests of the municipal and business entities along the corridor and take the appropriate collective action at the local, regional, state and national levels.

  • TEX-21 will identify ways by which the IH-35 corridor will not only attract further funding but have increased national visibility and mobilize representatives from the cities, counties, businesses and organizations along this corridor to speak with one voice about issues facing IH-35.

  • To facilitate a positive and timely exchange of information among members along the corridor.

  • To further develop the IH-35 Corridor Congressional and Legislative Caucuses as that elected officials have a platform to articulate and inform the members of the appropriate tools and avenues to improve, sustain, and further its viability as a preeminent national corridor.

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